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Attention!!! Currently, the Weather Generator is ON

Rain Enhancement Mode

(Since 16 March 2019, 12:00 PM)


The core of weather generator project are weather altering stations, that have the capacity to drastically effect the weather conditions by emitting energy that flows through humidity available thousands of kilometres in the atmosphere. We can create a multi-faceted set of solutions for various challenges. Such as:

Rain enhancements for catering to increased water needs of agricultural, irrigation, domestic. Air Pollution dissipation within our cities and across our agricultural producing lands, enabling safer foodstuffs, healthier populations and economic relief to the health industry. Smog eradication, creating safer and more efficient airports, sea ports, railways and highways. Shield dust and sand storms. Reduce humidity in the city atmosphere


Weather Generator is an international project with numerous successful case studies. It was established in Soviet Union in the late 60's and got its intensive development in Dubai. Currently, it has developed highly effective weather conditions within the region and caused numerous rains, hails and even snow falls in this desert region.

A network of Weather Generator in different Locations is required to achieve the best results in increasing precipitation and having control over the climate chaos.  

    Dear Visitors! On every video lecture that we create, we try to give information step by step, which allows you to understand the important details and intricacies of working with the Weather Generator. One of the most crucial requirements is choosing the right location for installing our system. Nature does not like confrontations! Therefore we choose locations that since worlds existence is chosen by the birds for their seasonal destinations-directions from South to North and from North to South. Birds choose natural navigation corridors with a sufficient number of small freshwater reservoirs. This means that atmospheric air flows on these routes have a high level of humidity! On the same exact principles since ancient times, camel caravans choose their routes! This is the reason why we often ask the Rulers of different countries to listen to our advice and install a Weather Generator where it is convenient for nature. Our work is done through enhancing nature!

Professor Yuri


Professor Yuri Tkatchenko founded Magnetic Technologies and is the Chief Scientist behind the technology, responsible for continuous innovation, technology research development and technical coordination.​

An acclaimed academic in Russia, Professor Tkatchenko has been associated with 52 leading scientific institutes involved in magnetology-related research activities. Professor Tkatchenko has co-authored over 500 studies into ecology, agriculture, construction, industry, thermal power, food biotechnology, medicine and natural and waste water. He was awarded the title of Professor in 1992 by decision of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Science, and has been honored with numerous government decorations.

Professor Tkatchenko is a graduate of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, with a specialization in Power Engineering (Thermal Energetics).



Main Establisher of Dar AlBir social charity society, operating internationally (1986-1996)

Managing Director at KHOORY HILLS (1982-2000)

Main Establisher of Dar Al Fatah printing and publishing company (1993-till date)

Managing Partner at Magnetic Technologies LLC (1995-till date)


Magnetic Technologies L.L.C was established in United Arab Emirates in 1995 with the aim to introduce state of the art Mag-Technologies and their miraculous multi dimensional applications, unmatched impact and greater saving in various fields of life.

We are the World’s Largest Base of Magnetology operating in over 25 countries. Our expertise in Mag-Technologies is the outcome of more than 30 years of constant research and observations of Mag-Technologies applications in our daily life. The research was carried out by 52 leading research institutes of Russia. The company possesses more than 500 research works in different spheres of economy.

This is the most miraculous invention on earth which provides the chemical free solutions in almost every field of life, which include Drinking Water Treatment, Desalination of soil, use of salty water for irrigation, treatment of low quality of seeds to enhance agriculture yield, increasing profitability of farmers, Enhancing rainfall, Human Health, fuel and energy saving, and scale treatment.

  • Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are using our Magnetic Funnel and other devices for health. The home devices for water quality improvement have been installed on hundreds of Villas/homes in Dubai, UAE and many other countries.

  • The magnetic systems for industrial applications have been installed in many industrial units in several countries. In Dubai, the following large companies are getting the benefits of the chemical free solution which include National Cement Company (PSC), Union Paper Mills, Dubai Aluminum Company Limited, and many more.

  • Our agriculture devices are being used on hundreds of thousands hectares for irrigation. Salty water can be used for irrigation now.

  • Our ecological systems are being used successfully for clearing lagoons in Oman, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia, etc, etc.

  • We have contributed our share in protecting environment by removing tons of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

  • Products of our company are supplied to more than 25 countries around the world.


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