Frequently asked questions

How our technology works for air pollution removal?

The generator has the capacity of cleaning the atmosphere from Dust, Smog including industrial and Fog. Example Dubai city area can be cleaned in 24 hours. Air Pollution: Corona discharge of negative ions from the Weather Generator leads to the ionization of the air above the generators. Due to the high concentration of electric charges in the air, probability of moisture condensation on the ionized airborne pollution particles increases. Therefore air pollution is actually contained within the water molecules.

Where do the removed air pollutants go?

Some small amount of the dust particles settles on the ground, major dust particles are pushed to the upper layers of the atmosphere up to 10 kilometres and gets carried away. As condensation promotes latent heat, the hotter ionized air with the particulate matters such as PM 2, due to convective principals are transported upwards within the electrical wind, to the upper troposphere, where high level air currents carry and disperse the polluted particles naturally. While some charged medium particles are attracted to surfaces either horizontally or drop from the air due to gravity pulling the abnormal heavier pollution particles.

How many stations are needed per 30-50 sq km?

For a city with 30-50 thousand kilometres sq. require we require 10 generators.

Tentative budgeting for complete proposal

Depending on the required amount of weather generator systems.