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Abu Dhabi Climate Meeting

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

We are kindly addressing the leaders of the Cloud Seeding company and the participants of the press conference Abu Dhabi Climate Meeting June 30 -1 July 2019.

On our daily report posted on 30 June, the information given cannot be denied. With the support of the Weather Generator, we can provoke rain clouds over vast distances. But we require support and participation in this. Our Weather Generator is capable of raising clouds to enormous heights, which often exceed 12,000 meters! These clouds guarantee heavy rain and large hail! This will not harm the desert areas, but the cities should be protected from this circumstance. For this rain to be both beneficial and safe Cloud Seeding operations can be carried out, on the entrance of the cities before these heavy clouds have the opportunity to grow bigger and stronger.

Yours sincerely

Professor Yuri Tkachenko & Administration of Magnetic Technologies

Solution to the topic of Air Pollution raised in Climate Meeting is available with us and being demonstrated past years in Dubai. We just need the support of the leaders and governments to tackle this important issue.

Abu Dhabi Climate Meeting: updates from day two:

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