Air ionizers wipe out infections

The only real solution for dealing with Coronovirus Is to Ionize the space you are in with Negative Ions! I have been professionally engaged in ION systems and studying the effects of negative and positive ions on nature and the human body for more than 30 years! since then I have conducted different experiments and installed a Negative Ion generator in Sochi, near the river, it would attract huge crowds of people towards itself, even without understanding the essence, intuitively came to this embankment, and stood for hours and breathed ion air. To keep yourself and all your loved ones safe in this period of chaos buy a small ionizer. Switch its mode to negative ion generation. When our homes and cars are Ionized, then you will always have an excess balance of ions in your lungs! And even if you get on a plane where everyone can get sick. Then you, with your ionized lungs and skin including, for at least 24 hours, will be safe! Ions do not die instantly. But they include oxidative processes in the body. And this is the Antidote for all types of bacteria and viruses. By doing so, we clean even large bodies of water. By magnetizing water with a jet of water that passes through a magnetic device, we enable the process of water ionization. This is how it will happen in your body.

Long story short, go and buy these little ionizers. And send this advice to your friends.

Professor Yuri Tkachenko

CTO at Magnetic Technologies LLC

Dubai 8.03.2020

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Air ionizers wipe out hospital infections


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