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Attention! We are going to turn on the Dubai Weather Generator!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Tomorrow, 10.24.2019. at 8 am, we will turn on the Dubai Weather Generator! And we will change the vector of the formation of rain clouds. Mostly in Saudi Arabia-Jordan-Kuwait-Iran.

Now, we simply do not have the right to turn off the generator! Right now, and specifically on October 16, the restructuring of the movement of the main atmospheric masses began. The movement is changing and now the clouds will move from west to east! We turned off the generator on October 19 and got great results! These results were noticed by international climate organizations around the world. And this is more than enough for any professional meteorologists! But if we had not turned on the generator today, we would have knocked down MAGNETIC MEMORY for cloud cover. Which was built for many years!

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