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Brazil Rain Corridor brings rain to UAE & Iran

25 March 2019 It has been 4th day of Rain, parts of UAE have experienced Rain and Hail. Today Parts of Iran received immense amount of rain ... questions can rise --- claiming that they didn't see the rain, ***it is probably because it didn't rain exactly where you are located, while 65 %  of UAE area was covered by rain. -----another question says : but the forecast told it will rain anyway *** of course the forecaste will change to give people right information once the rain is obvious and seen by radars... We enhance the rain which is expected, we naturally create what is "IMPOSSIBLE". In this case is our Brazil rain corridor and Torch of rain repetition. To a common mind it's a myth, but Experts in the field know very well all the abnormality happening has more reasons than just climate change...why clouds line up stretching towards UAE ? Why TORCH of rain is repeated over and over from same location ? Find your answers with us...we are open for discussion. And more importantly need to ask, are you ready to receive this blessing ? Where is all the rain water going, is there infrastructure to get the benefit from all the rain... The Gulf countries will soon enter into new green era, as told in hadith, which is already being experienced today. Professor Yuri Tkachenko

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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