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Dr Qamar Uz Zaman ex Director General of Pakistan Metereological Department

"Remarkable. In fact I mentioned at number of forums that recent rains in Dubai and also in Saudi are the result of new rain enhancement technology by your company"

Dr. Qamar Uz Zaman,.

Ex Director General Metrology

Scientist Alexander Sokolov, MT CEO Junaid Khoory and Dr Qamar Uz Zaman meeting in Meteorology office in Islamabad Pakistan 2010

Dr Qamar Uz Zaman Chaudhry is a Pakistani Climate scientist. He is the Lead Author of Pakistan`s first National Climate Change Policy. He was the Vice President of World Meteorological Organisation. He was retired from the position of Director General of Pakistan Meteorological Department on 13 September 2010. He is researcher in the field of Climate change, meteorology, atmospheric sciences, hydrology and seismology. More than 50 research papers written by Dr Chaudhry has been published in national and international scientific journals. He is currently working as an International Climate Change Specialist with ADB and UNEP DTU and Senior Policy Advisor to ICIMOD.

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