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Ever wondered WHY there is NO Rain in UAE 2020?

Our Weather Generator Station has been switched off for 1 full year !

To accelerate the formation of rain clouds, and purify the atmosphere in the city of Dubai, over the past 12 years, as Magnetic Technology Company -Dubai. we have used a special ION Weather Generator.

This Weather Generator, not only contributed to the formation of powerful rain clouds, but also contributed to a sharp increase in the amount of rain throughout the Arabian Desert. From the Red Sea to Iran and Pakistan.

A year ago, we turned off the Weather Generator in Dubai.

The results are very clear! This year 2020, the amount of precipitation has dropped dramatically in comparison to 2018-2019 when our Weather Generator was working at its possible best !

During the entire time after turning off the Station the Rain occurred not more than 2 times ! Neither there was cloudiness, thus no condition for cloud seeding company.

In connection with the above, we request to create a special commission that will be authorized to verify our statement and verify our veracity about the possibilities and usefulness of continuing to operate the ION generators in the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Gulf.

We are ready to present you with all the evidence!

Best regards,

CTO Professor, Yuri Tkachenko

CEO Junaid Khoory of Magnetic Technologies

We are not asking the government for money to continue demonstrating the capabilities of the weather generator! We ask the government for attention to our proposal, and a fair assessment of the possibilities of using the weather generator for the interests of the country and the region as a whole!

YEAR 2020 while station is OFF

Year 2019 while station was ON working at its full capacities before switching off in December

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