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Fatal floods in Iran meanwhile rainy days in UAE/Rain Corridor formation

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Month of April Reports

Formation of new corridor from East Africa moving towards zone of Weather Generator, these clouds move in similar direction becoming stronger and bigger in size. Similar patterns are from Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Brazil, Venezuela Rain Corridors repeat again. Forecast do not predict all the rains as they do not detect our work on ground, but once rain clouds are seen by radar forecast updates. Parts of UAE covered with strong and long lasting rain and even hail in city of Umm Al Quwain. Since the Weather Generator is switched on 16 March 2019 constantly working on rain Enhancement mode, UAE territories experience rain for nearly a month now. Below Reports gives you daily basis rain news.

Iran Ahwaz meanwhile has switched on 5 Weather Generators (which are not operated by us but by Iran Government who has bought it in 2012)


12 April 2019 It has been nearly a month since our Weather Generator is operating. And different parts of UAE have been covered with rain since then ! Having a network of weather Generator will allow to have control over the regions climate. And increase precipitation.

11 April 2019 We have been receiving more rain in UAE. Images showing the places and timing of rain. Kuwait has been covered with strong hail.

10 April 2019 It has been raining in UAE since last night throughout the morning. We would like to remind our viewers that on 16 March we have switched on the WG on rain enhancement mode (25feb to 16 March it was off). Since than rain has increased in the territory expected by forecaste or not. We increase the possibility of what is expected and create natural circumstances for rain to occur. Through our Rain corridor. We have enabled an irreversible process of greening of the deserts. Newly formed lakes, rivers, streams, brings along itself a huge amount of water, IF reasonably used and stored can last for several dry years !

8 April 2019 Rain has covered different parts UAE territory since last night. Morning rain showers over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Though forecast doesn't expect the rain or predict it, it still comes. Computerised system doesn't detect the work of Weather Generator until it actually sees the rain clouds entering UAE.

3 April 2019 It has been raining in UAE though not expected by the forecast. Meanwhile, there are heavy floods of rain in Iran, washing off. Circumstances like this can be prevented through our technology, which has the capacity not only to activate but weaken rain clouds and calm the destructive weather conditions.


The generator is on since 16 March 2019

The beginning of the formation of a powerful thunderstorm clouds in Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait.

The result of the work of generators in Ahwaz-Iran 5 Weather Generators installed in Ahwaz

11 April 2019 Time 17:00 Rain and thunderstorm

11 April 2019 Time 22:00 Rain

12 April 2019 Time 06:00 Rain and thunderstorm

12 April 2019 Time 14:00 Rain and thunderstorm

12 April 2019 Time 15:00 Rain and thunderstorm

12 April 2019 Time 17:00 Rain

12 April 2019 Time 22:00 Rain

Forecast screenshot on 7-8 April, expecting no Rain in UAE for coming days

8 April 2019 Time 02:00

8 April 2019 Time 04:00

8 April 2019 Time 06:00

8 April 2019 Time 09:00

8 April 2019 Time 11:00

7 April 2019 Time 20:30

7 April 2019 Time 22:00

7 April 2019 Time 23:30

7 April Time 00:00

5 April 2019 Time 07:00

5 April 2019 Time 14:00

5 April 2019 Time 17:00 Thunderstorm in vast territories of the GULF

Date 4 April 2019 Time 09:00 Formation of Rain Corridor from East Africa towards zone of the Weather Generator

Date 4 April 2019 Time 13:30 Increasing in size

Date 4 April 2019 Time 15:30

Corridor line becoming more clear

Forecast shows no Rain for 4-5 April, but in reality there is Rain

Computerised Radar does not detect or predict the ongoing work of the Weather Generator

4 April 2019 Time 16:00 (Zoom in UAE)

4 April 2019 Time 18:00

4 April 2019 Time 20:00 (Zoom in UAE)

3 April 2019 Time 09:00 AM Rain from border to border

2 April 2019 forecast prediction from government portal NO RAIN upcoming days

But above images shows that in the result of East African/ Sudan Rain Corridor it has rained

2 April 2019 Time 19:00 PM STAR indicates location of the Weather Generator

2 April 2019 Time 20:00 PM Rain

Fatal Rains in Iran taken from Social Media

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