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Venezuela 2 Rain Corridor

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

8 November 2018. Today we are starting another new project!

8 November 2018. 21-00. Project Venezuela.

9 November 2018. 21-00. The beginning of the formation of a new corridor of rain.

10 November 2018. 21-00. The beginning of the formation of a new corridor of rain.

10-14 November 2018. 21-00.

Corridor with high humidity, here the least resistance for the energy flow of our generator. Electron flows are moving toward America. At the same time strongly intensify the oncoming clouds. Flows of moist air from this powerful cloud cover are moving towards the United Arab Emirates, where our GENERATOR is located!

14. 11. 2018. 10-30.

The Atlantic corridor of rain running increasingly!

Date: 8/10/11. 2018. 21-00.

27-29-30 November 2018 REPORTS

Professor Yuri has started working on a new Project " Venezuela" 2 Working on enhancing clouds from three different locations. Specifically on clouds over Venezuela to bring them towards the Middle East and the Gulf region. Below reports are the progresses of the clouds movements and destinations, again forming a Rain Corridor all the way from Venezuela towards the zone of the Weather Generator.

27 November 2018 Video Report

29 November 2018 Video Report

30 November 2018 Video Report

"Venezuela 2" development. HEAVY Rains in Medina and Northern Saudi. Activation of clouds on the way of forming the Venezuela 2 Rain Corridor. By weather forecast NO rain expected coming 10 days in the region.

28 November 2018 12:00 PM Steps of Corridor Formation

Zoomed Above the GULF region image

28 November 2018

29 November 2018 Rain in different parts of Saudi Arabia

30 November 2018 12:00

Venezuela 2 Rain Corridor in Active Stage 30 November 2018


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