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How do we clear SMOG & Air Pollution that kills 7 million people yearly !

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

It is proven and known that Ions purify the air, a simple demonstration done Professor Yuri at our office to show how the Ion Weather Generator prototype, clears the SMOG from the box within 5 minutes of switching on the Ion generator.

Our technology has the capacity to purify air pollution and SMOG on huge scales, one Weather Generator can cover the diameter of 5 to 10 square kilometre depending on the pollution type and source.

Dust, SMOG, and pollution particles are +Positively Charged particles, the atmosphere needs a balance of -Negative ions to clear the air from these particles in the form of pollution. By achieving the balance through Ion Weather Generator we clear the atmosphere, give the public a healthy air to breathe.

Imagine how on a daily basis our children and loved ones have to inhale these toxins?



Full Article on Air pollution killing 7 Million people yearly

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