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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Local Weather Modification Process

Practical magnetology in atmospheric processes.

Professor Yuri Tkachenko 2006-2019 United Arab Emirates

Picture of a storm above one of the stations installed in Abu Dhabi 2008. This storm is created from the works of the stations.

Increasing precipitation based on the main following provisions:

- Most of the heat (up to 47%) enters the atmosphere as a result of condensation of water vapour.

The condensation process takes place on charged condensation nuclei even at a relative humidity of less than 100%.

Between the earth's surface and the ionosphere, there is an electric potential difference, under the influence of this difference a vertical conduction current flows in the atmosphere.

The density of the vertical conduction current (water vapor condensation intensity) in a limited column of the atmosphere can be changed by placing a volumetric electric charge in a limited surface layer. The source of the volume electric charge is a DC electrical installation operating in the corona discharge mode. The high negative potential on the electrical installation is used for local temperature increase (strengthening of convective processes) in order to destroy the inversion layer (if necessary) and to form a stable convective cell.

The increase in precipitation in convective clouds is due to the intensification of convection and condensation, causing a significant development of cumulus clouds and their transformation into cumulonimbus. The high positive potential of the electrical installation is used to reduce the local temperature and prevent the dispersion of stratified clouds and increase the probability of precipitation from the stratified rain clouds.

This method is "embedded" in natural atmospheric processes, has a high efficiency/cost ratio and provides important "side" effects such as providing comfortable humidity, preventing/dispersing fogs and improving air quality (reducing PM).

Professor Yuri Tkachenko, is the author of two new terminologies and technical solutions for the work with atmosphere through the Weather Generator.

Rain Corridor

Rain Enhancement & Formation of the Rain Corridor

The Weather Generator provokes an active formation of frontal clouds in the oncoming air currents.

These formations of clouds are observed thousands of kilometres away from the weather generators location.

At the same time, the generator operator creates a precondition, correcting the movement of these air flows and changing the movements that direct these clouds to the zone of the generator / country.

Creating a corridor, through which weaker clouds join the line becoming more active. The Weather Generator works as a source of energy like a light house guiding the clouds towards itself the country of the generator thus creating fertile land with the rain fall.

TORCH of Rain

This is the creation of the conditions under which the frontal clouds, passing over the area of the weather generator get activated (zone of direct impact is a circle of 500 kilometer’s).

Rain clouds in the area of the weather generator, can reach a height 10.000 thousand meters and above!

Such powerful rain clouds are not destroyed. Giving rains as they move, and also, they get continuously fed by the new ascending streams.

This TORCH of RAIN may continue its activity for several days! Giving the rains in the vast territories of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers.

Most of the Rain is received in the zone of the TORCH of Rain.

This is the reason we are against cloud seeding in the zone where the weather generator is actively working.

The Cloud Seeding program destroys the rain clouds, by receiving only 1 % of actual rain. Instead of 100% which can be achieved through Weather Generator.

It is very easy to prove the mentioned above, by simply prohibiting the use of cloud seeding program for a few months in the territories where the weather generator actively works.

But further, we would also want to argue on the undoubted benefits of the use of Cloud Seeding technology.

This technology will be absolutely necessary in the areas of settlements and cities.

Torch of rain, as a rule, carries a massive amount of water. Though this water is beneficial for the desert, as a consequence it might as well bring with itself floods and destruct cities and settlement area. This is exactly where the cloud seeding plays its role, if/ when necessarily to avoid devastating situations, we need to use range of air craft with cloud seeding technology, sow clouds that approach cities.

Thus, massive rains will fall in the deserts, while in the cities will receive enough amount of rain to please the people and cleanse the atmosphere. This will result in keeping the cities and its people safe.

All events described above have long-term statistics of repetitions, and documentary evidence.

Statistics of fog destruction Clean Atmosphere from Dust & Pollution

The results in showing the difference in installing Weather Generator in the cities with the highest Air pollution can be achieved within hours-days of its activation!

Our technology can reduce the Air Pollution by up to 50-70% in the area of its coverage.

Clean Atmosphere from Dust & Pollution


All images and video reports take from government portal National Centre of Meteorology


CCTV images for Air Pollution and FOG comparison


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Pollution & FOG destruction statistics


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Setting up a single control centre, a network of Weather Generators throughout the region will give us the opportunity to get a controlled Rain Corridor which will bring billion litres of water to the dry deserts.

If we can install weather generators in Jeddah, we will have a much greater possibility to receive huge amounts of Rain in UAE ! Creating a Torch of Rain from Jeddah, covering UAE.

Project - Rain Corridor. First step. For use in any season. Weather generators must be installed on the lines of the Red Sea and in the centre of the Arabian Desert.

Attention! At each marked 7 Weather Generators must be installed.

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