Project "Ion shield"

Professor Y. Tkachenko.

Positive and negative ions.


Ionic balance:

Bear in mind that the ionic balance of the atmosphere has changed dramatically in the last century, mainly due to industrialization. As a result, the concentration of positive ions increased, and they, as you know, are the main culprits of electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollution. Ions can be found in our bodies, and enter our bodies through the air (through breathing or through the skin). Passing through the blood, they spread throughout the body. The presence of negative magnetic ions in our products can help the body increase the absorption of negative ions, thereby helping to overcome the negative effects of positive ions.

Our vitality directly depends on the composition of the atmosphere. Inhaled air prolongs our life or significantly shortens it.

Why do mountain dwellers live longer and less megalopolises? Why do we feel better at the waterfall or in the forest?

What is an ion?

The air is filled with scanty atoms in constant motion and having an electric charge (electrons). Facing each other, atoms exchange their charges. We know this phenomenon as static electricity, we meet it by combing, dressing or taking off synthetic clothes. Having lost or gained an electron, a neutral atom turns into an ion, a particle with an unequal number of protons and electrons.

If there are more electrons, the ion has a negative charge and is called a negative ion, anion or air ion.

If there are fewer electrons, the ion has a positive charge and is called a positive ion or cation.

Our environment and our body include both types of ions.

From which our life potential depends more.

Positive ions Health effects

An excess of cations in the air causes poisoning of the body and manifests itself:

increased production of serotonin - a hormone-neurotransmitter, an active participant in the processes of transmission of nerve impulses to the brain.

Overproduction of the hormone of happiness is dangerous and disrupts the normal functioning of the whole body: thermoregulation, biorhythms, circulatory and cardiac systems, etc.

With an excess of positive ions in the air:

A person experiences mood swings, anxiety, fear, insomnia,

fatigue, tension and anxiety.

Nervousness, unexplained insecurity, depression.

Frequent colds that threatens with diseases of blood vessels, heart, atherosclerosis, premature old age.

Sources of cations (positive ions)

In nature, positive ions are usually formed by strong winds, dust, humidity and pollution. Their level increases dramatically before a thunderstorm.

Our modern cities, homes, offices, workplaces are the main generators of positively charged ions.

Positive ions are formed:

factories, plants, workshops, any production;

electromagnetic radiation of electrical appliances - computers, Internet routers, printers, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, telephones, air conditioners.

fluorescent lamps, building and finishing raw materials, artificial wood and all kinds of other polymeric materials - carpets, curtains, bedspreads, towels, furniture upholstery;

car emissions;

cigarette smoke.

In the conditions of a big city, when airing does not sufficiently refresh and purify the air, our housing and offices have become like prisons with positive ion potential.

Negative ion generator.

Negative ions

The atmosphere, as well as the composition of our body, includes both positive and negative ions. Ions are atoms with a positive or negative charge, and they both play an important role. Maintaining a balance between positive and negative ions is crucial in maintaining good health in general, and given that we are more prone to positive ions, and wearing negative magnetic ions in jewelry creates a balance. A negative ion is also called anion - it is an atom with an excess of electrons and has a negative charge.

The benefits of negative ions on the human body.

The main benefits of negative ions for the human body include cleansing the blood, boosting the immune system, activating cells, and tuning the autonomic nervous system. The interaction of negative ions and the human body is part of the science of electro-or electromagnetic healing, or bio-electromagnetic healing.

Negative Ion Health Benefits:

Studies show that negative ions in the air significantly affect our energy and health levels. The houses and offices in which we live do not let negative ions pass through. Computers, fluorescent lamps, air conditioners and modern building materials produce positive ions in abundance. Positive ions can make us feel tired, depressed, nervous exhaustion.

Providing an ionic balance around us can help us overcome the fatigue associated with a stressful lifestyle. Negative ions can also destroy certain types of bacteria and viruses in the air that cause colds, flu, and respiratory infections. Moreover, negative ions play an important role in helping to detoxify and enhance the well-being of the body. The calmest and most refreshing places in the world contain a high level of negative ions: waterfalls, mountains, beaches and forests, where the ionic balance in the air is perfect.

Healing properties with regular use of negative ion generators:

• Increases immunity.

• Improve blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

• Helps improve digestion.

• Stabilize brain function.

• Relieve allergies and respiratory diseases.

• The ability to purify blood.

• Reduces stress and fatigue.

• Promotes cell rejuvenation.

In fairly high concentrations, negative ions purify the air from mold spores, pollen, pet hair, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful particles in the air. Thus, the removal of harmful elements from the air and eliminates breathing problems and health.

Where to look for negative ions? One cubic centimeter of air at the foot of the waterfall contains 50,000 useful ions; in the mountains - from 8,000 to 12,000; by the sea or ocean 4,000; in the forest 3,000; on the street after a thunderstorm from 1,500 to 4,000; in rural areas from 500 to 1,200. And also in the sun, at fountains and springs, in the shower.


Project ion shield of professor Yu. Tkachenko.

Generator of weather design Yu. Tkachenko.

Allows you to receive up to 20 million negative ions in one cubic centimeter of atmospheric air!

The ion shield is able to completely protect large cities from viruses and bacteria!

To clear atmospheric air in cities of exhaust gases and dust.

Destroy strong mists.

That is why, the massive use of ion generators to protect large cities and industrial centers from the threat of CORONA VIRUS is the most important task of governments, all countries of the world.

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