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Rain in Riyadh/ Atlantic Rain Corridor

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

14-15 December 2018 Formation of new Atlantic Rain Corridor. Satellite image from 8 PM. Clearly seen how the corridor started to form. Raining inside the deserts will turn the dry desert into green lands, after a years time these lands will be possible to cultivate. Special equipment , helicopter seeding of different varieties of seeds. Passing these seeds through magnetic fields will give them enough strength to survive in harsh conditions.

15 December 2018 3rd day of continuous Rain over Riyadh. Dry Deserts are slowly turning into Greenland. These reports are to show the genuity of our work , to reach our voices to the governments of the Gulf countries. We have the technology to adress various atmospheric problems and world water crisis. With the support of the Rulers we will be able to successfully implement our technology to solve global problems

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