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RAIN in Saudi Arabia

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

6 January 2019 Generator has been working over 24 hours (was off since 27/12/18). Though no rain expected till 15 January in the region, since last night it has been raining in different parts of Saudi Arabia. We are showing the possibilities of the capacity of our Technology which can address drought, air pollution, FOG, sand storm & humidity ! A network of generators will have to be installed for major climate change in arid regions. We require the supports of the governments to provide the public with a good quality air to breath daily, healthy people more productivity/creativity population !A strong nation. Check below link for all reports.

5 January 2019 Time 14:00 The generator does not work 10 days.

At 1000 kilometres, there is no rain clouds.!/Radar_Merge_Sat/26

5 January 2019 TIME 18:00 After 10 days break, Generator is switched ON

The beginning of the formation of the new Atlantic rain corridor. In the picture, you can clearly see the beginning of the formation of a new Atlantic rain corridor. In the following days, we will inform you about the events taking place, and show new space images of the corridor and rain in the territory of the Arabian desert.

5 January 2019 18:00

The generator is turned on 3 hours ago. The formation of rain clouds has begun!

Difference in the visibility of the atmosphere

When Generator is OFF !

When Generator is ON !

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08 janv. 2019

Congratulations !

The Foundation Princesses de Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti is looking forward to present your program, in priority to the countries where rain will save millions of lives.

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