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Rain within 1 month of Work with WG 29 November

Weather Generator works based on Air Ionization, chemical-free, enhancement of clouds and rain towards its direction. No clouds are stolen or moved from any location! we use the atmospheric conditions and humidity to create a corridor enhancing the smaller clouds and boosting with negative ions (as well as other energies) the existing clouds. The location of the WG is in Dubai, working as a lighthouse to invite the cloud while giving them the negative ions flows through charging and guiding to the energy source.

P.S Recent Rains in the UAE were developed throughout the month to create the ambient and help nature to act at its best in the arid regions.

Before Switching ON the Station

After 1 month

Repetition Statistics of Torch of Rain

A paragraph from the newspaper Article on Cloud Seeding Operations

In fact, the whole process can backfire, meaning less rain would fall than would have otherwise occurred if there had been no intervention.

Scientists are working on complicated computer simulations to better understand the optimum intervention for different cloud types.

However, they are unsure if they will ever fully master cloud seeding, not least because they have no way of knowing how much extra rain they have helped produce.

“I don't know how the technology will advance in the near future,” said Mr Lulin, who has been conducting research on rain-enhancement methods for around a decade.

“But in the foreseeable future I would say it’s very difficult to completely quantify and completely understand.”

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