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Station ON from 10 June to 10 July 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Below is the full report: Note Today 10th July 2021 the Weather Station was switched OFF

NOTE: Repeatability of test results:

The degree of closeness to each other of independent test results obtained by the same method on identical material, in the same laboratory, by the same operator, using the same equipment within a short period of time!

All the necessary conditions listed, personally by me, as an experimenter, have been fully fulfilled!

For 28 years. On the territory of the United Arab Emirates, and in other regions of the world, by the Magnetic Technologies Company, and by me personally. Thousands of repetitive experiments have been done!

Including. Only for 3 months, 2021

In open information access mode. Magnetic Technologies Company UAE

Shows the ability to manage weather processes on a huge territory! From Dubai, including the coastline of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

The results of the presented experiment show:

We can contribute to the greening of the desert.

We can create the conditions for obtaining lakes and reservoirs in the arid regions of the world.

We can build and develop agricultural, livestock, and other farms in the desert in different countries of the world.

We hope that our appeal will be heard by various departments and the government of the United Arab Emirates!

Thank you for your attention!


Professor Yuri.

Administration of Magnetic Technologies.

The United Arab Emirates. Dubai. June 23. 2021.


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Video report

9 July 2021

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