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Switched ON the Generator

5 January 2018 Professor has switched on the Weather Generator at 14:00. No rain clouds were available even at radius of thousand kilometres. Only after 3 hours you can see the rain cloud formation. We can clear the grey dusty skies, clean the atmosphere from pollution, remove the FOG formation within 24 hours !!! This is a statement that can be confirmed at anytime. These reports are to show the genuity of our work , to reach our voices to the governments of the Gulf countries. We have the technology to adress various atmospheric problems and world water crisis. With the support of the Rulers we will be able to successfully implement our technology to solve global problems.

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Jan 08, 2019

Congratulations !

You can count on the full support of the Foundation Princesses de Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti to promote this revolutionary technology that will change the world.

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