The healing properties of magnetic water. A chapter from the monograph by Y.P. Tkachenko.

First, let me make a small but very important introduction!

You all know that all life on our earth is constantly in the magnetic field of the earth. So conceived by the Almighty! And so it should have been!

But what we see now.

The billions of tons of ore that rested in the mountains today have turned into piles of metal, concentrated in places where people live. Everything that surrounds us today, concrete permeated with metal fittings, millions of cars, tractors, tower cranes, electronic equipment, etc. It has fundamentally changed the magnetic component of our environment! Even our apartments are nothing more than the classic FARADEIA GRIDS! And we live in these cells, completely cut off from the mother’s, earth’s umbilical cord - the magnetic field!

Magnetic devices, which are discussed in all my works, and in the works of my colleagues, magnetologists from around the world, are an attempt to somewhat compensate for the lack of a pure magnetic field.

Magnetic devices can safely be called CRUPS, which will help you come to some agreement with the actual habitat.

However, among my readers, there are those who relate to the proposed topic, with a certain degree of distrust ... And even dare to call Magnetology Pseudoscience!

And they, oddly enough, believe that they have every right to do so!

The fact is that expressing one’s opinion, which is basically completely unfounded on any knowledge, has recently become quite a fashionable phenomenon.

So beginners publish their: exposing: articles!

Here are some of the comments that I have received in the section -REVIEWS-

Here , it’s a mistake. And not one.

1. Microorganisms also formed in the earth's magnetic field. Following your logic, they feel much better from your magnetized water.

2. I undertake to assert: if any impact is completely devoid of negative side effects, it only means that it does not affect anything at all. Neither negative nor positive.

Another critic writes:

Magnetic water is a typical pseudoscientific nonsense akin to homeopathy, designed to attract buyers. The article has many unfounded allegations not supported by any reliable source.

Yes, a remark, at first glance, may seem fair!

But is it really so? Of course not!

It is enough to note that all microorganisms are divided into two main classes.

These are aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, viruses, and other subclass living substances.

So, the effect of a magnetic field on all these microorganisms has been studied for a very long time, and quite fundamentally!

And for some of them, it REALLY BELOWS from magnetic water!

But for some pathogenic group of bacteria and viruses, destructive for the whole living group of microorganisms, magnetic water will be completely incompatible with their environment!

Thus, to unbelievers, and doubters, I simply advise you to start by reading the monograph of one of the founders of magnetology.

The monograph is called- WATER AND MAGNET- Author, Willy Ivanovich Klassen.

And finding this monograph is very easy on the free Internet.

Around the same time (Novosibirsk, Nauka, 1978, 296), the work of Soviet scientists from Novosibirsk AL Buchachenko, RZ Sagdeev, KM Salikhov was published. Magnetic and spin effects in chemical reactions.

At the same time, the Institute of Chemical Physics im. N.N. Semenova RAS, Moscow.

All-Union Research Thermotechnical Institute named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky (VTI)


Moscow Technological Institute of Food Industry.



Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy - Sochi.

During this period, a special problem commission was created at the USSR Ministry of Health on magnetology.

The Academician-Anatoly Maryanovich Demetsky headed this commission.

The legendary teacher, a world-famous scientist, a doctor who began to use magnets in the treatment of partisans in the forests of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War!

Naturally, after such breakthrough publications, results and reports, dozens of scientific research institutes of SSSSR And then Russia, opened scientific research topics in various areas in the industry, medicine, and in the agricultural sector.

As a result of these works, with conclusive evidence of the appropriateness of using magnetic fields, in 1993, ---

Resolution of the Council of Ministers - Government of the Russian Federation of October 14, 1993, N 1058

"On the development of scientific and production activities in the field of magnetology.

So, dear critics;

If the conclusions of the State Scientific Research Institutions, you consider Pseudoscience, and not worthy of attention, reliable sources, then, to put it mildly, it looks like elementary ignorance or even frank cliche!

Unfortunately, the format and conditions of this site do not allow the insertion of scanned documents and reports of research institutes within the framework of this publication.

That is why, truly genuinely inquisitive and inquisitive people, I with great pleasure and wholeheartedly invite you to the fascinating world of PRACTICAL MAGNETOLOGY!

A huge number of official reports, and information on the practical application of magnetic technology in various fields:

Thermal energy, the oil and chemical industries, the construction industry, agriculture, ecology, and simply in everyday life, you will find in our office, or on this site. - On my main page.


The healing properties of magnetic water.

A chapter from the monograph by Yu.P. Tkachenko.

Magnetic water refers to the means of a general magnetic effect on the whole organism.

The properties of magnetic water have been studied for more than 50 years, there is a lot of research and evidence.

Practice confirms that magnetic water and other magnetic fluids have an excellent healing effect on the whole body.

For those who are interested in the mechanism of action of magnetic water, I will say that it activates cell membranes and, accordingly, enhances the penetration of nutrients into the cell and the removal of toxic substances outside the cell.

In practice, magnetic fluids, first of all, perform the cleaning function. Everyone knows that the general slagging of the body, excesses of toxic substances, chemicals, radiation, etc. are the main cause of poor health and the occurrence of many diseases.

Therefore, cleaning the body, not only the intestines but also other departments is one of the most noble wellness methods.

And it can be done using magnetic water.

Let's start with the kitchen!

Take it as a rule! Tea, coffee, any other drinks and liquid dishes, cook on magnetic water. The first thing you notice is the change in taste. Make sure this is very simple. Brew tea or coffee on magnetic water and ordinary. And then, just compare these two drinks. Magnetic coffee and tea will be much more aromatic, and tastes better! So. What purifies magnetic water in the human body:

1. Cleaning the liver and kidneys from stones

Magnetic fluids are the strongest natural solvents for stones. Therefore, they are used for gallstone, kidney stone disease, with tartar. So many people have avoided stone removal operations. Many are afraid of pain when moving the stone, but when using magnetic fluid, the stones dissolve and are excreted with virtually no pain.

The question arises, and after how long do the stones dissolve?

Much depends on the size, quality, number of stones.

Small stones can dissolve or decrease in a month or two. But if you need to drink magnetic fluid for a longer period, then this is only an additional benefit to the body. Therefore, you do not need to count the days. Drink, and she will help you as well as many others.

2. Cleaning the spine and joints of toxins and salts

Magnetic water is very widely used for osteochondrosis, spondylosis, arthritis and other similar problems.

3. Vessel cleaning. In this case, we are talking primarily about calcium salts, which clog vessels, cause sclerosis. Therefore, magnetic water must be taken to people with coronary heart disease, that is, with angina pectoris. It is needed for those who have had heart surgery, those who have high cholesterol or other fats, hypertensive patients. ; It must be remembered: you are not taking a medicine that acts quickly and quickly excreted. You are using a remedy that gradually, physiologically, improves the condition of the vascular system. You really will feel after some time that your health has become better.

It is clear that I want to quickly. If it gets better in six months

- is that bad? In any case, magnetic water will improve your condition, and you can easily determine it.

4. Bowel Cleansing

A lot of suffering causes intestinal slagging.

In addition to the fact that constipation is simply unpleasant, it is known that there are reflexogenic zones on the mucous intestine, that is, the reflection of different organs, and, therefore, the intestines clogged with slag, cause diseases not only of the intestine but also of the whole organism.

5. And, finally, the last direction of body cleansing is the cleaning of germs, fungi, viruses, etc., which are very numerous, primarily in the gastrointestinal tract.

For example, peptic ulcer is caused by a bacterium, to say nothing of worms, fungi and other “evil spirits”.

Thus, there are five general directions for cleaning the body with magnetic water: liver and kidneys - from stones; spine and joints - from salts; blood vessels - from salts and fats; intestines - from toxins and the body as a whole - from germs .;

In addition to the diseases discussed above, you can recommend magnetic water for diabetes, allergies, problems with the prostate gland and age-related disorders in women.

With magnetic water, it is good to drink the usual medicines that you take and drink with plain water. Make this water magnetic. The activity of the drugs will increase, and the side effect will decrease due to the cleansing of the body.

Since magnetized water has a normalizing effect on impaired cholesterol metabolism in atherosclerosis and has a positive effect on the course of the disease, it is recommended to drink it not only for medicinal purposes but also for the prevention of atherosclerosis. It should be noted that the physicochemical properties during magnetic treatment change to a greater extent in water, in which more salts are dissolved.

The healing properties of magnetic water are also manifested when taking therapeutic baths, or magnetic showers. Baths, showers and swimming pools with magnetic water were prescribed to patients suffering from hypertension. After the course of treatment, most patients disappeared complaints of headaches, tinnitus, fatigue and pain in the heart. Almost all patients had low blood pressure and normal night sleep. Two types of baths were prescribed to patients - with magnetic water and ordinary but supposedly activated by permanent magnets. The therapeutic effect was provided only by magnetic water. Thus, the “placebo" effect was excluded - the dummy, when the patient feels the "therapeutic" effect, based solely on inspired psychotherapeutic factors .;

Irrigation of the oral cavity with magnetic water helps to remove tartar, eliminate periodontal disease, and treat phlegmon. Magnetic water prevents the formation of dental deposits, cleanses the enamel from soft plaque, stops bleeding gums. An improvement in the condition of patients with atherosclerosis using magnetic water was noted.

Promising results have been obtained in the treatment of urolithiasis, significant success has been achieved in the use of this water for various skin diseases.

Magnetic therapy helps with fractures, accelerating bone fusion, which can be significantly accelerated if the toroidal field is affected by a toroidal field of a permanent ring magnet. At the beginning of the 90s. The All-Union Conference on Magnetobiology and Magnetic Therapy discussed in detail and recognized the beneficial effects of bathtubs and turbulent underwater massage on patients with protracted pneumonia, non-specific infectious polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and some other joint diseases.

To cope with all of the above problems will help magnetic devices, created in the likeness of the Earth's magnetic field and providing each of us with the protection that nature itself created.

And now for a note to readers professing Islam!

You all must know that the standard of water for any Muslim is the source ZAM-ZAM! This source is located in Mecca. So, this source is MAGNETIC !!! This is a fact that cannot be argued! Here is the answer to the main question. What water to drink! There are natural magnetic sources in other countries of the world.

But, as a rule, people don’t even know about it. Just practice says that such sources have wonderful healing properties.

Magnetic funnel.

For the magnetic treatment of ordinary water at home.

Magnetic device for installation in the pipeline in your home.

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