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The situation today! (Daily update)

Updated: Jul 6, 2019























Full report on this link


Ninth day of the experiment conducted by the company Global Climate Control

2 week experiment report

29 May 2019

Comparison of Rainy days in May 2018 to May 2019 .

May 2018, while our station was On this period last year for 17 days of work on ground we received rain for 10 days in the UAE! In the entire history of observations this never happened! (check the full comparison report on this link)

May 2018 will go down in history as the rainiest month in the history of the country!

But no one paid attention to this fact!

Since the beginning of the experiment, the company Global Climate Control -

May 20, 2019

There was only 1 rainy day !

But even this rain has nothing to do with the company - Global Climate Control.

This rain was the last in a series of rains that were formed as a result of when the Dubai weather generator was still working.

Given the information provided.

The administration of Magnetic Technologies addresses the government of the United Arab Emirates.

What do you think!?

Need to continue to wait for the promised miracles and rain from the company Global Climate Control?

Or finish these expectations and turn on Weather Generator that has been working all these years supporting the weather in the region.


28. 05. 2019. No rain for statistics. Dust in the air.

The generator is off!

Tuesday, 28/May/2019. Al Ain International Airport.

28.05.2019. Abu Dhabi. Dust. Fog. The generator is off!

28.05.2019. Dubai. Dust. Fog. The generator is off!Дубай

28. 05. 2019. 00-00 – 16-00. No rain for statistics. Dust in the air.

26. 05. 2019. 16-00 – 18-00. No rain for statistics. Dust in the air.

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