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Cyclone Kyarr over the Arabian Sea

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

28 October 2019

Cyclone Kyarr was expected to develop into Category 5- Extremely Severe Cyclone Storm, but as our Weather Station works on the mode of Cyclone Destruction since 24 hours the Cyclone has sharply reduced its activity. In this video summary, we show the "Active phase of cyclone destruction" that is taking place. The work of our Station is not predicted by forecast, but as we work and results are seeing through space images, the radars shall soon give new forecast reports.

Our website is being updated hourly as we take on this project to showcase the impact our technology creates on the atmosphere.

Video Summary

Detailed Report

Our dear readers, We continue to acquaint you with the situation and development of Cyclone! We only have one Weather Generator Station in Dubai. But even with only one station, we will try to significantly reduce the destructive potential of Cyclone. And change the development scenario of the Cyclone in the Arabian Sea.

Tropical cyclone Category 4 intensifies near the Arabian Sea:

Note: Generators in Ahvaz are working, but blocked by a generator from Dubai! Now, these 5 generators in Ahvaz can no longer provoke the formation of clouds and rain. The scenario of developing Cyclone has been changed. Destroyed all cloud formations in the countries of the Middle East.

28-10-2019. 14-15. 24-hour generator in Dubai blocks Cyclone development!

We can see the active phase of cyclone destruction.

28-10-2019. 11-00. 21-hour Station in Dubai development of Cyclone Kyarr!

Compare the space shots!

28-10-2019. 07-00. 17 hours have passed. Front clouds got destroyed!

27-10-2019. 07-00. The cyclone has a powerful frontal cloud cover.

28-10-2019. 01-00. 11 hours have passed.

27 October 2019. Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia

Effect of cyclone in Karachi although the storm is 700 miles away from Karachi

KARACHI: Inside view of DHA Golf Club OR Karachi Boat club right now

27 October 2019

Today at 14:15 PM Dubai time. We have switched the mode of Weather Generator.

Cyclone is expected on the coast of Oman and UAE today. We have switched the Mode of our Weather Station in destruction mode of Cyclone, we can sharply reduce its activity. Follow up our hourly report on our website latest post.

27-10-2019. 19-00. 5 hours have passed! We see the beginning of the destruction of the Cyclone. Separation of the tail from the central mass, And the obvious loss of activity!

27-10-2019. 17-00. 3 hours have passed! We see the beginning of the destruction of the Cyclone. Separation of the tail from the central mass

27-10-2019. Cyclone.

27/10 - 14:15. At 14-15. Dubai time. The weather generator is switched to Cyclone destruction mode.

27-10-2019. 10-00. Generators in Dubai and Ahwaz attract Cyclone.

26-10-2019. 10-00. Generators in Dubai and Ahwaz attract Cyclone.

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