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Repeating in similar pattern continuous Rain in UAE. Enhancing nature.

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

About Author

Professor Yuri Tkachenko

Patriarch Scientist and Inventor, Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Yuri Tkatchenko founded Magnetic Technologies and is the Chief Scientist behind the technology, responsible for continuous innovation, technology research development and technical coordination.

An acclaimed academic in Russia, Professor Tkatchenko has been associated with 52 leading scientific institutes involved in magnetology-related research activities. Professor Tkatchenko has co-authored over 500 studies into ecology, agriculture, construction, industry, thermal power, food biotechnology, medicine and natural and waste water. He was awarded the title of Professor in 1992 by decision of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Science.


27-28 March 2019 Rain corridor Africa. Clouds formation all the way from Africa lined up coming towards the zone of the Weather Generator. Heading towards UAE. Notice that regardless of location and cloud movement it comes back into line. The WG acts like a lighthouse guiding the clouds to come towards its self. TORCH of rain repeating again & again from exact same location, above the zone of the Weather Generator. Receiving constant flow of energy from the WG, becoming bigger in size and activating rain clouds, covering 1/3 part of the earth. These satellite image similarities are only over the zone of our work, no where around the world you can find a similar cloud movement. and this work has been done throughout the past years in all our Rain Corridor Projects. Clearly showing form the satellite the work process of the WG that repeats continuously.

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