13 May 2019 we had switched OFF our Weather Generator (before planned date).

ATTENTION to clarify our intent of this report, we enhance nature and cant work against it. This report to clarify that companies like @Global Climate Control fixing their dates of project start along with the with RARELY expected rain in Middle May is not a coincident. We cant STOP the naturally expected Rains but we can enhance to increase it or weaken it if leads to destructive floods (but for this we need to install a full network of Weather Generators at different territories, with single station we have now in Dubai minimal can be done )

That`s why we decided to switch OFF, not to take part in this activity.


You can see the difference in the impact it creates in the atmosphere in these two pictures. Our "friends" from Global Climate Control want to take an opportunity on the "rarely expected weathers in middle may" which our technology supports to enhance creating a stronger and longer lasting impacts when there is natural happening and enhancing clouds from thousands kilometres distance when there is no expectations. Check full report (given below).

9.05. 2019. 18-00. Rain, hail. The generator is ON!

14.05. 2019. 09-00. The generator is OFF!

NO RAIN CLOUDS on the whole territory!

The situation today!

17. 05. 2019. 14-00 - 17.00. The generator is off! No Expected rain and thunderstorms!

When we turn off the weather generator in Dubai. In all territories of the countries of the Middle East:

1. The formation of clouds and rain stops;

2. drought begins;

3. dust storms appear;

4. dust in the atmosphere increases the air temperature.

All information is available on our website. https://www.weathergenerator.net/allreports/categories/pollution-fog

This is happening in all the territories of the Middle East. The generator captures a circle with an approximate radius of 3 thousand kilometers - This is a direct impact. And about 12 thousand kilometers. As a causal effect.

The generator has been switched OFF!

We see the changes in weather forecast. The reason behind the phenomenon is our Weather Generator. This is how we form a RAIN CORRIDOR.

Executive Officer, Maxim Lavrov (http://climateglobal.net/ ) decided to take advantage of the situation and present these upcoming rains as his work on enhancing Rain in UAE territory between 20 May-20 June. We will break his plans! Today is May 13th. (We had mentioned in our video reports that will switch it OFF on 17 but the date has been changed to 13 may 2019)

We turned OFF our Weather Generator! It means that we start to destroy the rain corridors, weather forecasts, which is officially published on the Internet as a rare situation in mid of this month of May 2019


Mohammad Al Khazzy Al Tamimi

From next Friday, The southern and eastern parts of the Arabian Peninsula (parts of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, the Eastern Province and Riyadh) will be hit by storms, torrential rains.


Storm center

Good rains expected in the country after mid - May, this is one of the rare cases on the south - east of the Arabian peninsula in May, and it is expected to form the summer cumulus clouds before the start of the weather.

13.05. 2019. The generator is off!

NO RAIN CLOUDS on the whole territory!

Rain Statistics. March-May, 2019.

(Full report)

For climate change in arid regions of Africa and Asia. It is necessary to install generators in different countries of the world.

Project - Rain Corridor. First step. For use in any season. Ion generators installed on the lines of the Red Sea and in the center of the Arabian Desert. Attention! At each marked area must be installed 7 ion generators.

Second phase. Installation of ion generators on the Mediterranean coast.

Rain statistics. March - May, 2019. Rainy days in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan. This statistics based on years of observations shows.

If the generator in Dubai is turned on.

Throughout the countries of the Middle East - Saudi Arabia. Kuwait. Bahrain. Qatar. United Arab Emirates. Oman. Iraq, Iran. Pakistan. The formation of rain clouds and real rain increases dramatically.

As a result of these rains, we see desert landscaping, the emergence of new rivers, and lakes in these countries. https://www.weathergenerator.net/allreports/massive-floods-in-saudi-arabia

If the generator in Dubai is turned off.

In this case, the amount of cloud cover in all these areas is sharply reduced.

And the torch of rain is not formed.

The amount of clouds in all these areas, sharply reducing the torch of the rain does not form.


Pay attention to the nature of the clouds. When the generator is off, cloudiness has no active development. The torch of rain is completely absent. The amount and duration of rain is very small.

In order to completely change the climate in the mills of the Middle East, having made a desert garden from the desert, with rivers and lakes of fresh water, we need --- 1. The full consent of the governments and countries of this region. 2. Assistance to the governments of the Gulf to install weather generators as shown in the figure.

Many people ask us a question, if you can increase the amount of rain in neighboring countries, then why, we do not see such results in the UAE. After all, the weather generator is in Dubai?

We have been trying to answer this question for many years! Our generator has the property to work in a special mode. And in order to get a lot of rain in the UAE, we have to install our generators on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. For example, in Jeddah! It is difficult to understand right away.

But if you take the time and visit our office, we will be able to present you with both scientific evidence and a huge amount of factual documents.

Detailed information can be seen in daily reports. These reports are in the archives of the company -Magnetic Technologies.


Rain days in the Middle East. - Saudi Arabia. Kuwait. Bahrain. Qatar. United Arab Emirates. Oman. Iraq, Iran. Pakistan.

1-03-2019. Generator in Dubai OFF.

If the generator does not work, a torch of rain does not form.

Pay attention to the nature of clouds. When the generator is turned off, cloudiness has no active development. Torch of rain, completely absent. The amount and duration of rain is very small.

1-03-2019. 01-00. Generator in Dubai OFF.

14-Mar-2019.12-00. Ahwaz - Iran. The generator is working.

Dubai The generator does not work.

Generator is ON.

03.04.2019. 09-00. Rain.

4.05 2019. 11:30 The generator in Dubai is on! It began to rain in Ahwaz!

4.05.2019 20:00 Rain in Kuwait and in different regions.

5.05.2019 19:00 Rain in Kuwait and in different regions.

7.05.2019 11:00 Rain in Kuwait, and in different regions.

8.05.2019 19:00 Rain in Kuwait, and in different regions.

9.05.2019. 18:00 Rain, hail.

9.05. 2019. 17:20. Rain, hail, next to the Hatta.

10.05. 2019. 14:50 Rainfall.

10.05.2019. 17:30 Rain, thunderstorm hail.

11.05.2019. 17:00 Rain clouds in Saudi Arabia.

12.05. 2019. 19-00. Rain clouds in Saudi Arabia.

14.05. 2019. 09-00. The generator is OFF!

NO RAIN CLOUDS on the whole territory!

15.05. 2019. 12-00. The generator is OFF!

NO RAIN CLOUDS on the whole territory!

The generator is OFF!

16.05.2019. 13-30 – 14-00. Rain in the mountains.

16.05.2019. 15-00 – 16-00. Rain in the mountains.

Weather expectations in the territory of UAE, Oman and parts of Gulf

This is the expectations from 16 May to 22 May bu normal forecast. Our Generator has been switched OFF since 13 May, we have a different expectation. Let's all together watch over the weather this week. Our friends from Global Climate Control wanted to take opportunity on this weather claiming it's their work. we cant give them this chance.

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