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We can save Kuwait from Flood !

We can try to save Kuwait from flooding! But who asks for it officially? We appeal to people from the government many times. But nobody answers us ! To solve the flood problem in Kuwait. We must install at least one more generator in the Gantut area. Immediately ! Today A short conversation and answer to the important question:

Catic Muhammad: Dear Yuri! Have you and/or Junaid spoken to Kuwaiti authority or at least Kuwaiti Ambassador in Abu Dhabi? Best regards

Professor Yuri: Good morning! No we haven't spoken to anyone directly or officially. But I have very, very little time !!!

Catic Muhammad: Thank you! How fast you can make/install one more Generator at Gantut area? How big/size it should be?

Professor Yuri: I have a pre-made generator station. If we start the installation this afternoon, we will be able to finish the installation by night. And immediately turn on the mode of destruction of clouds. But I think the rain in Kuwait may start tonight. Clouds from the Mediterranean, moving and developing very fast!

Catic Muhammad: Other hypothetical question: If Kuwait has 4-5 generators correctly installed whether this coming heavy rain could be redirected or prevented?

Professor Yuri: Sure you may! But I want to tell you. After all, this is not the last rain! Kuwait is located at the point where two pots of humid atmospheric flows meet. One is cold from the Atlantic, and the second is warm from the Indian Ocean and Africa. This means that the Kuwait is in a high risk zone venerable to rains and floods in autumn and winter seasons. Kuwait needs more protection out of all the Gulf countries. And protection in such a situation, there can be only one. Ion Shield! And this is our weather generator.

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