By: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

The microorganism most talked about today is the virus. These tiny creatures, between the two worlds, organic and inorganic, are visible only under an electron microscope and are much smaller than bacteria. They consist of genetic material (DNA / RNA) and a protein coat. For example, a coronavirus has a crown-shaped envelope and hence its name. The virus occupies only living cells and uses their chemical machinery to reproduce, causing disease in plants, animals and humans.

Negative ions neutralize microorganisms: viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Negative ions are negatively charged atoms that attach to and break down microorganisms. The more negative ions, the more favourable the atmosphere for humans, animals and plants.

The 'Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation regularly measures the concentration of negative ions at different locations. Average concentrations of negative ions per cubic centimetre:

- Homes and offices: 25-100 ni/ccm

- Cities: 100-200 ni / ccm

- Villages: 100-300 ni / ccm

- Mountains: 750-1,000 ni / cm

- Front of the entrance to the Ravne tunnels: 150-500 ni/ccm

- Inside the Ravne tunnels: 5,000 - 40,000 ni / cc

Concentrations during winter months are slightly lower with a maximum up to 40,000 ni/ccm, and during summer months they reach 60,000 ni/ccm! These values ​​are several dozen times higher than in the healthiest pine forests in Bosnia!

I measured concentrations on lakes (the highest on Cerknica Lake in Slovenia is 5,000 ni/cm), in addition to rivers (usually 1,000-2,500), in forests and mountains (500-2,500), in megalithic and pyramidal sites (250-2,500 ni/ccm). However, the tunnels beneath the Bosnian pyramids are a marvel and foremost in comparison to other locations around the world.

In addition to the famous Ravne tunnels, the Foundation is currently working on four other separate tunnel entrances, several hundred meters apart: 'Ravne 2', 'Ravne 3', 'Ravne 4' and Healing Tunnels. Negative ion values ​​are in the range of 1,500-10,000 ni / ccm. The newly built 'Green Crystal Pyramid' in our ‘Ravne 2’ park also has high values ​​of 1,000-10,000 ni/ccm.

Since tunnels are part of a larger pyramidal complex, this is not the only one measurable, scientifically demonstrable energy phenomenon. There are several more.

The Extremely low-frequency low of 7.83 Hz, known in the science as Schumann resonance, is measured on pyramids and in tunnels. It was the natural vibration of the planet, which has been disrupted by intense technological development since the 1990s (TVs, microwave ovens, telecommunications devices, satellite and mobile antennas, power distribution networks, etc.). Values ​​at most locations in the world are between 10-16 Hz which means we no longer live in a natural planetary vibration. Therefore, staying in the Ravne Tunnels is a return to a natural balance. 'We're coming home' as a large number of visitors describe the feeling of being in tunnels.

We also measure an ultrasound frequency of 28 kHz, which is the levitation frequency. And although our body mass is too large to levitate in tunnels, most people feel 'light'. Our cells respond to the frequency of levitation.

Also, favourable electromagnetic frequencies, high level of life/orgone energy, absence of harmful cosmic radiation, negligible level of underground radioactive radiation, absence of geopathogenic radiation ... created an ideal environment for the process of regeneration and self-healing in the Ravne tunnels.

Modern medical science will take a few more years to understand and acknowledge these energetic phenomena and their beneficial effects on human health. The Foundation has been running pioneering research on a global scale.

But what can be accepted today by conventional science and medicine are the benefits of negative ions on humans. Clinical studies have proven that negative ions remove/destroy harmful microorganisms.

Among the positive effects are the following:

- relief from sore throat, bronchial cough and nausea

- relief from sinus blockage and inflammation

- allergy relief

- Migraine relief

- reducing asthma attacks

- Increases energy

- Increases physical endurance

- relieves arthritis pain

- balances blood pressure

- facilitates breathing

- regulates cholesterol

- relieves inflammation

- helps with insomnia, relaxation and meditation

- accelerates recovery from injury and surgery

- boosts immunity

- balances the Ph value

- Pure blood and lymph

- neutralizes viruses, bacteria, fungi

- improves liver, kidney and lung function

- Improves body detoxification

- Improves impaired cellular alteration

- Helps with depression and memory

- improves concentration

- Improves the healing of wounds and dusky eyes

- Helps with swollen veins, herpes and hemorrhoids

In support of these claims are testimonies of visitors to the Ravne tunnel, which can be viewed at the following link:


The builders of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex and the Underground Tunnel Complex were wise. They have made an energy machine that has the purpose of a communication device, regeneration and protection of health, improves the molecular structure of water and food, improves the auric field, balances and expands energy chakras, raises immunity, enhances the atmosphere of the planet and maintains its electromagnetic stability…

We found five long (17-200 m) open sections with water in the Ravne tunnels. It is not a matter of surface water but has been around for thousands of years. The water is crystal clear, clean and healthy. There are no microorganisms. It is due to the negative ions that serve as a barrier to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Now we know why the viruses don’t like Ravne tunnels.

Disclaimer: 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation is a non-government, non-profit organization registered for archaeological and scientific research of Bosnian pyramids. It does not give health guarantees and it's not involved in medical therapies. However, it does share testimonials of the visitors.

Contacts: official web site: www.bosnianpyramidofthesun.com, official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Pyramid.of.the.Sun.Official/, official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BosnianPyramidsTV, official Sam Osmanagich’s page: www.samosmanagich.com, e-mail to arrange a visit: info@piramidasunca.ba.

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