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The man behind the scenes.Professor Yuri Tkachenko, daily activities on Rain Enhancement in The Gulf

Professor Yuri Tkachenko about his daily activity on Rain enhancement in the territory of the Middle East and The Gulf. Weather generators (property of Magnetic Technologies company, patented by Professor Tkachenko) are installed in Dubai. It works to invite the clouds to enhance rain in the dry desert lands.

In simple words the breakthrough is achieved by altering the positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. Eg Rain forests usually have an abundance of -negative ions, which is why the air is so clean pure. Whereas, in desert dry areas there is an imbalance of ions, usually of +positive ions being more, by generating more negative ions we create a balance, this process charges the clouds and invites them towards the Ion generator station based in Dubai.

Speed of ions is like speed of light, the generator in Dubai has the capacity to charge the clouds in Middle east, Africa and even Europe and draw them towards UAE.

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